The general status of women is gradually shifting to a more positive light as time passes, but equality is slow to come. In China, Egypt, and even the United States, women are viewed as inferior and should be subordinate to men. The role of having multiple wives is important for a high status man. This concept of social status can be seen when examining Chinese emperors who had harems of women ranging from hundreds to thousands.

An imperial concubine's outer robe (Holdsworth and Courtauld 1998)
Because concubinage is a status symbol, this practice is returning to China due to increasing capitalism. Numerous rich businessmen and officials are reported to have concubines or mistresses as they are now called. The reason this comeback of concubinage enrages Chinese citizens is because these officials are corrupt since they are going to great lengths to please their mistresses like offering them illicit deals. One mistress, for instance, was able to purchase land that was well below market value. (Romana 2009)

Furthermore, despite the current information available on concubinage, there is a vast need for more archaeology and cultural anthropology on this custom because westerners, like myself, have limited access to Chinese archaeological sites. During the course of my research, I had great difficulty when attempting to locate a scholarly article that was written in English about archaeology of Chinese concubinage. Earlier in this Wiki, I stated questions as to why there is so little excavation on these types of sites in comparison to places like the Terra-Cotta warriors of Qin Shihuangdi and if anthropologists are still forgetting about women in the ancient world in spite of movements like Feminist Anthropology. The answer is yes; anthropology, like the rest of the world, is still struggling with equality of both sexes. However, I am not saying that the anthropologists are to blame, but that people in general are more interested in the extravagant side of archaeology like the Terra-Cotta warriors that we tend to forget the stories hidden in that particular archaeological site. Inequality is also why the lives of imperial concubines are virtually unknown outside of China. Concubines are sometimes regarded as indecent women like the current mistresses of Chinese officials; therefore, their stories are masked behind the history of the brave Chinese emperors who had elaborate palaces and skillfully crafted clay warriors placed in their mausoleums.

"Behind every corrupt individual is a scheming mistress" -ABC news